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'Yggrdrasil' (The Tree of Life) - FULL SET

'Yggrdrasil' (The Tree of Life) - FULL SET

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Full set of all 7 variants, including the LE10 set only variant for free! 

Deep in the heart of an ancient forest stood a magnificent treehouse, its branches woven into a sanctuary of enchantment. This arboreal abode, crafted by skilled hands and blessed by nature's touch, was home to a diverse family of magical animal friends. Each inhabitant brought a unique charm to their communal haven, fostering an atmosphere of harmony and wonder, not unlike the community we have built here.

Within the cozy confines of the treehouse, laughter danced like fireflies, and the animals played among the branches with mirth. Wise old owls perched on sturdy branches, sharing tales of forgotten realms, while mischievous squirrels darted among the leaves, playing games and hiding nuts. Together, they formed a bond that transcended the boundaries of their disparate worlds, united by the magic that pulsed through the very fibers of their home.

This tree did not change colors with the seasons, instead it changed colors with reckless abandon to match its ever flowing moods.The trunk was known to shine brilliantly, as if it was made from metal and it was said anyone who touched it would be blessed with eternal happiness. Nestled at the center of the multiverse, this treehouse stood both within and outside every known universe. It is believed to hold the multiverse together and in Norse mythology they call it 'Yggdrasil'


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