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Fuzzy Friends Studios

Leftover Blind Bags

Leftover Blind Bags

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Blind bag extravaganza meaning you will receive a completely random design and variant. Blind bags will cost $30 or two for $50 (+ shipping), there are no purchase limits and any additional blind bags will be just $25 each (discount for multiples will automatically be applied during checkout). This price is also below drop price for most of these pins because we love you all and appreciate anyone willing to roll the dice  on a leftover release 
The drop will occur at this Friday 8/11 at 4pm EST/3pm CST/2pm MST/1pm PST

The following designs (and any of their variants) are a possibility in your packages:
1. Floofs
2. Project Moon
3. Cosmic Teapots (sun & moon)
4. All Seeing Mushrooms
5. Hoot
6. Heart & Bones
7. Gertrude (Khumali Snail)
8. Cool Cat
9. Sakhet
10. NYE Floof
11. Paws

*There is a chance you may receive a design not listed as we could find a few other pins while organizing this week. We also may throw in some of our unreleased design that is landing today if we are feeling spicy 
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