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Fuzzy Friends Studios

Eva, The Hummingbird - Blind Bags

Eva, The Hummingbird - Blind Bags

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Drop Info:
What: Eva, The Hummingbird
When: Wednesday 1/18 @ 9pm EST/8pm CST/7pm MST/6pm PST
Size: 2.25" Triple Posted
LEs: 60, 40, 30, 25, 20, 10 (GV)
Cost: $30 + Shipping
Drop Type: Blind Bag Only
Drop Limit: None
Artist: Zensation&Friends
Magical Properties: Normal variant pins count as coupon codes for the rest of the year, gift variant counts as a reusable drop reserve token for the rest of the year.

Special Features of this drop/pin design:

1. Owning any of these pins will count as a reusable coupon code for the rest of the year. The amount of money you save by owning one (or more) of these pins is determined by their LEs. The LE 60 pin gets you 6% off purchases, the LE 40 provides 4% off, LE 30 gives 3%, LE 25 is 2.5% and the LE 20 is 2% off. You may stack these discounts as long as you own multiple different variants of this pin (this means you could earn up to a total of 17.5% off your future orders if you decide to hunt down a whole set of these pins!) You may not stack discounts of the same variant (for example, owning two LE 60 pins will not get you 12% off, but owning an LE 60 and LE 40 pin will get you 10% off). This discount applies from now until the end of the year. To use this discount you will check out like normal and then you must email within 24 hours of completing your purchase sending us a timestamped picture of your pins and your order number and we will refund you the correct %.

2. The gift variants on this drop do NOT count as discount coupons. Instead they count as drop reserve tokens for the rest of the year! Anyone that owns a GV of this pin may email us at and reserve a blind bag (or specific variant if it is choose your variant) of any drop they want for the rest of the year. You still have to pay for that drop but you don't have to worry about fighting on drop night. This token is reusable (AKA you can use it as many times as you want) and is good for the rest of the year. Just an FYI we do already have more Kuhmali, Chantel Benedict, & Vomitart designs in the works. Like usual GVs will be included as a random bonus in select orders, there should be a total of 7 of them going out with the drop.

3. Everyone that purchases one (or more) of these pins on drop night will be entered for a chance to win the one and only gold raw 8th Phase (The Moon) pin.

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