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Fuzzy Friends Studios

Blind Bagged Bee Drip

Blind Bagged Bee Drip

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Please read the entire listing before purchasing.

These pins are smol (just 1.25 Inches tall)

You will receive a blind bagged (random) variant. There are 10 different 'normal' variants and 2 'secret' variants. There is no purchase limit. If you buy multiple bind bags in a single order we will do our best not to send any duplicate variants (if you buy separate orders you will incur more shipping fees and we can not guarantee you won't receive duplicates).

This listing will only be up for about 12 hours.

The rest of these pins will drop later and the time will be announced in advance. This is just a surprise drop of some of the pins.

We are not showing all the variants on this post or at this time since this is a surprise drop. Several variants have been posted in the group already.

*All normal variants are just LE20. The 'secret' variants are LE15
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