'We all SCREAM for icecream' - Blind Bag

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Artist: Anggatantama Art
Size: 2.5" tall Triple Posted
Drop Type: Blind Bag Only
Drop Limit: 2 Per Person
LEs: 60, 45, 25, 25, 20 10(GV)
Cost: $25 + Shipping

Note on blind bag replacements and any purchase related issues:

These are hand painted products and some level of variation between each pin is to be expected. We conduct quality assurance on all of our products and do everything possible to ensure defective products to not arrive to customers. If for any reason your product arrives damaged, defective or goes missing and doesn't arrive at all we will* replace your  purchase but it will be replaced as a blind bag again since that is what you purchased. Please also note if there is an issue with your order you need to notify us, as the original purchaser, immediately. We will not replace products for anyone but the original purchaser.

*Replacements are at our discretion and based upon the issue with your order and availability of replacements due to these being limited edition products. If we can not replace your order for any reason we may offer other forms of restitution such as refunding or discounting your order.