Thick Juicy Beats - Blind Bag

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You know when you listen to a new song and it hits so hard you can literally feel the beats oozing out of your speakers? You feel the music envelope your eardrums and spread down your spine, squeezing into every inch of your body and causing your skin to tingle. Music so sick you find yourself staring at the speakers, wondering how they haven't just melted into a pool of plastic and smoke?

I think you all know the type of songs I am talking about, the songs so good they leave an imprint on our soul. The songs that every time we listen to them we are teleported to another place and time, and for a moment we leave our bodies and become something more than just another person listening to another song. We become everything that song meant to us, everything that song is and ever will be, everything that artist wants us to hear and feel, everything music is meant to be. These are the songs we carry with us forever, the songs that remind us who we are, where we have been, where we are going and what it means to be alive.

Sometimes music is just that good, sometimes it can’t be described or explained, only felt. Sometimes music is more than just the sounds coming out of a speaker, sometimes it is a feeling, an energy, a vibe, sometimes it is our home.

Sometimes music is just those Thick Juicy Beats that we just can’t live without, sometimes it really is just that simple.

This one goes out to our music lovers, ‘Thick Juicy Beats’ by Sam Shennan

What: Thick Juicy Beats
Cost: $30 + shipping
Size: 3” wide (triple posted)
Drop type: Blind Bag Only (random variant)
Drop limit: 2 Per Person
LEs: 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 (GV)

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