The Mystic Owl - Time Presale

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FF Studios is incredibly excited to present "The Mystic Owl" by Irfan Maulana.

This item will be sold a  'Blind Bagged - timed presaled'. What this means is that this listing will be live for a specific period of time (2 weeks total) and during that time customers may choose to order as many pins as they want. The total number of pins produced and the LE of the variants will be determined based on the total number of orders that we receive over the next two weeks.

To start we are releasing two variants; the first is a partial-raw, rainbow anodized version and the second is an ornate: gold, silver and black version. After 100 sales are made we will start adding additional variants, we will continue adding new variants for every 50 pins sold after the first hundred. In other words we will release a new variant at 100 pins, 150 pins, 200 pins, 250 pins, etc. This does not mean the LEs of the pins will be increments of 50s, just that a new variant will be released for every 50 sold after the first 100.

These pins should be between 3.5" tall and triple posted on the back. They will also feature a custom back stamp.

-All purchase are blind bag only, this means you will receive random variants for your order. There is no limit on the  number of blind bags you may purchase. You may receive any of the variants that are unlocked by the time this presale ends, regardless of when you placed your order. 
-Price is $27 per blind bag, this price includes shipping for all US orders. International orders will require additional shipping charges.
-Do not order stickers or any other items with this product, if you do you will have to wait until this pin is finished to receive your additional items.
-Please allow 8 - 10 weeks for completion of this pin and shipping. For updates on production status please check our group on Facebook or message our Facebook page.
-If your address changes between ordering and completion of the pins please message us immediately over Facebook with your order number and new address.
-All sales are final and may not be refunded.
-Listing will be taken down on Sunday 7/28 at midnight PST. That is also the time when the 8 - 10 weeks for completion of the pin and shipping occurs.

*A third variant has been added to the blind bag selection, the beautiful pastel owl.

*4th Variant has been added

*5th Variant has been added

*6th Variant has been added

*7th Variant has been added

*8th Variant has been added

*9th Variant has been added