The Mass Abduction - Open Edition UFOs (Pre-sale)

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Cost: $30 + Shipping
Size: 4” Tall
EmiMonster Art
LEs: Open Edition, these pins will NOT be numbered and will be stamped ‘open edition’ as they will be reprinted over time to ensure everyone can get UFOs to abduct their mini-monsters.
Drop Type: Blind Bagged*
Purchase Limit: None

This will be a ‘timed’ pre-sale that runs from Thursday night at 7pm MST all weekend long until 12:01am PST on Monday 1/10. The pre-sale will not be the only time to purchase these pins, we will take them down at the time listed above while the UFOs go into production but we will make extra UFOs and re-stock the website after production. There are two incentives for buying on pre-sale instead of waiting for the re-stock later; the first is that we will use this timed pre-sale window to determine the total number of open edition UFO variants we make. We are for sure making 3 different open edition UFO variants (will be revealed in the coming days) and if we break 200 pre-sale orders we will add a 4th UFO. After that we will continue adding new UFO variants for every 75 orders we receive so simply put the more orders received during the pre-sale window the more total UFOs you all will have available to collect and abduct things with. The second incentive is that we will also make a gift variant galaxy glitter UFO for every 100 pre-sale orders received and randomly include those in pre-sale orders as an added bonus for supporting this project during the pre-sale window.

**Since they are open edition if you buy multiples we will do everything we can to try and ensure you do not receive duplicates. If you order multiple on one order you definitely will not receive duplicates (unless you order more pins than the total number of variants made, then we will have to send you duplicates). If you order multiple on separate orders we will do everything we can to combine orders but we may miss something and you could end up with duplicates.

All pre-sales are final, no refunds for any reason. The estimated production time on these UFOs is about 5-6 weeks but it is possible that the upcoming Chinese New Years could delay that process slightly.

Please note that even though it is not pictured here these UFOs will have small 'holes' down the tractorbeam to hold the mini pins it can abduct.