'The Guardian' - Blind Bag

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Artist: Minty Designs
Size: 3" Wide Triple Posted
Drop Type: Blind Bag Only
Drop Limit: 1 Per Person
LEs: 75, 50, 35, 20, 15, 7(GV)
Cost: $30 + Shipping 

Pin Back Story:

The Faltine are extra-dimensional energy beings born from pure magic and without a corporeal form, existing solely as energy. While little is known about these beings it is known they are almost as ancient as time itself and the most famous of their kind is named Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension. Since Dormammu is one of the few known Faltine and he is considered one of the most malevolent beings in existence most people have assumed that all Faltine are evil and malevolent beings bent solely on interdimensional domination but this could not be further from the truth.

Since these beings are born from pure magic and in their truest form exist solely as energy they are inherently ‘good’ in nature and it is only when they become tempted by the material world that their nature becomes corrupted. When untainted by desire for physical matter the Faltine are essentially gods and many of them are actually the basis of our mythology. One of the least known but most influential Faltine was known as Tapio. While his legacy has almost been forgotten on earth, he still lives on in Finnish Mythology as the Forest Spirit but in reality he was much more than that.

Tapio was the first Faltine to enter our dimension and when he arrived here he found a barren universe filled mostly with uninhabitable rocks floating through space. He slowly pulled upon his own energy, the energy of his dimension and the energy of our own dimension to bring life to much of the universe. He helped form plants, trees, forests and nearly all vegetative life that exists in our universe. It is said that the forests that exist today are remnants of his brush strokes and that when you feel the wind blow the leaves it is the energy of Tapio still flowing through the trees.

As a being of pure energy Tapio never had a physical form and it is impossible to know exactly what he ‘looked’ like but he did project his essence into the minds of many beings in our universe and in turn projected a vision of himself. These visions have been recreated and circulated in many formats throughout history, the most famous depiction of Tapio is known simply as ‘The Guardian’ and was created by the inhabitants of the planet Proxima Centauri B. They worship Tapio as the one and only god and credit him with the creation of our entire universe, a little more credit than he deserves but far better respect than we give him here.

Thanks to a little help from our friends the Interdimensional Imperials and of course their partners in crime, the Space Noodles we were able to receive some copies of the coveted image of ‘The Guardian’ and it is coming to our planet in pin format. While these pins are merely physical representations of the Faltine known as Tapio it is said that any representation of a true Faltine will always carry special powers…