Sugar Overload - Blind Bag

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What: ‘Sugar Overload’
When: Thursday 7/23 at 9PM EST/8PM CST/7PM MST/6PM PST
Cost: $25 + Shipping
Size: 2.25” Tall (Triple Posted)
Artist: Angga Tantama
Production: FF Studios - Fuzzy Friends Studios
LEs: 69, 43, 28,17, 16, 12, 10 (GV)
Drop Type: Blind Bag Only
Drop Limit: 1 Per person
Extra Bonus: On top of the LE10 GV that will be randomly included in some blind bags some lucky people may find certificates redeemable for a free half dozen cookies baked by Ben. There will be six of these certificates total inserted into random blind bags.

Back Story:

In dimension C-138 there exists a group called Fuzzy Friends Studios, known as FF Studios for short and in that group there exists a man named Ben Onstot. While the majority of the group knows Ben as one of the founders of FF Studios and for the beautiful merchandise he and his brother help produce for artists all across the world, others know him for another reason. They may know him for the tales they have heard of his sweet tooth and the baked goods he learned to create to satiate it.

The legends around these baked goods run deep and while some are rooted in truth, others are pure fantasy. Some have claimed Ben has magical elves from another dimension that help him bake, however, this is not true. The only way to get magical elves to bake for you is trick them and enslave them, while elves are fantastic bakers they only like to bake during the holidays. To get elves from any dimension to bake year round requires them entering an unbreakable oath and tricking them into agreeing to bake year round, this is something Ben would never do and the only people evil enough to do this are those running the Keebler Company. The real secret to Ben’s baking is that he was taught how to bake by his Grandmother & his mom (Katie Broach Onstot) and they both taught him the most important trick to baking, that everything must be baked with love and care.

It is also true that poems and stories have been written about Ben’s baked goods, trades and deals have been sealed over them, groups have been created for them (Sweet Tooth Corner) and love has been shared because of them. Now Ben has taken his obsession one step further and had his love for sweets enshrined for all eternity in pin form and we are proud to present ‘Sugar Overload’, artwork by Angga Tantama.