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Owl Shaman Pre-sale information

These pin sets will be sold as blind bag only but there is no purchase limit to the number of blind bag sets you may buy. Pin sets will cost $60 each and purchase will get you one matching number set (top and bottom half). Both parts of the pin set will be quadruple posted with a custom back-stamp and numbered.

At the start of this pre-sale there will be 3 variants (pictured below) and as orders are place we plan to add additional variants. If more than 120 orders are placed we will add a 4th variant, we will also continue adding new variants for every 50 orders placed after that (170 orders, 220, 270, etc.). At the end of the presale we will confirm total number of pins ordered and the exact LEs of each variant. **4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th Variants have been unlocked and pictures added to listing**

We are also starting something new in 2020, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds from all pins sold this year to various charities (each pin design will have its own charity associated with the design). For this particular design we will be donating 5% of the profits to an organization called the Carolina Raptor Center. This organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that specializes in the rehabilitation of injured or orphaned birds of prey so they can return to their natural habitats. They also work to educate the local community on the animals and their importance in the local ecosystem, the center helps educate over 27,000 people annually and treats between 900-1,000 birds annually. It is also able to release almost 70% back into the wild; only those that can not survive on their own in the wild remain at the facility permanently.

Not only will be donating 5% of the profits from this design to the Carolina Raptor Center but we will also be working to integrate charitable giving directly on our website. The goal is that during checkout if you wish to donate additional money to the charity you will be able to do so with just a couple clicks at checkout, 100% of all additional funds will go directly to the charity. *Note this is a new feature that we are still setting up, there may be some hiccups on drop day since that will be the first real test of this new system. Please bear with us as we iron these out.

Pin Details:
Artist: Sam Shennan
Size: 2 Part pin set, top half is 4.5" wide with bottom half fit to match.
Posts: Quadruple posted on both pins
Production: FF Studios - Fuzzy Friends Studios
Costs: $60 for matching number 2 pin set
Drop Date: Available for purchase from 1/6 - 1/12
LE: Based on total number of orders
Purchase limits: None
Charitable Donation: http://www.carolinaraptorcenter.org/

Other Notes:
* At this time we do not plan to host another "drop" when the pins are finished, if you want this design we highly suggest you buy it now or likely pay inflated prices in the secondary market.
**Since we will be donating profits we will not be able to make the actual donation until pins are finished and shipped, we will keep everyone properly updated about the donation process and how much money is raised for the Carolina Raptor Center
***If a variant you colored is used for production you will receive that set for free when pins are finished.

****This item is a pre-sale meaning the pins are not yet in production. Production time for the pins themselves is expected to be about 6 weeks but the Chinese New Year could result in the pins taking longer. Currently we expect to have them in hand near the end of Febuary/early March.****