Musical Revelations - Blind Bag

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Design Name: ‘Musical Revelations’
Size: 2.75” Tall (Triple posted)
Drop Type: Blind Bag Only
Drop Limit: 1 Per person
LEs: 60, 45, 20, 15, 10, 7 (GV)
Artist: Red Shine
Production: FF Studios - Fuzzy Friends Studios

Back Story:
It is known that there are at least 432 different dimensions (this is how many dimensions DJ Fuzzy Ears has visited) and we live in dimension C-138. Some beings live outside of the dimensions (like The Three Kings) and some even have the ability to hop between dimensions at will (like DJ Fuzzy Ears), however, few beings have the ability to merge directly with the cosmos and dimensions themselves. This ancient ability can only come from a lifetime of dedication to the practice and few alive even believe the practice is real. Only a select few monks in dimension C-342 even attempt the ritual and most of them never achieve much more than a momentary joining with the cosmos.

In a time long ago and far away there lived a child that believed in his ability to merge directly with the cosmos and every dimension. He knew it was his destiny to merge with the cosmos and believed in doing so he could save his people from disaster. He dedicated his entire life to this pursuit, he studied every text he could find, he traveled across the world, he learned interdimensional travel, he studied with gurus, he studied with monks, he studied with yogis, and finally he ended up on C-342. While he was nearly 100 years old at this point he still looked like a young boy, the spiritual journey he had taken and the lessons he had learned essentially halted his natural aging process but none of that meant anything to him. The only knowledge he sought was to be one with the cosmos, the only thing that truly mattered was for him to return to the source and merge with the dimensions.

When he arrived at C-342 he found a desolate planet inhabited by only a few monks. He quickly learned that generations ago the majority of the monks on C-342 had found the way to merge with the cosmos and done just that. After their merging had completed, their physical bodies ceased to exist and only their energy remained; the few monks still on C-342 are the descendants of those that couldn’t (or chose not to) merge with the cosmos. The remaining monks graciously agreed to share all the knowledge they had about the practice but cautioned that no one had succeeded in merging with the cosmos for over 1,000 years.

This did not deter the man and he soaked up all the knowledge the monks had to offer. After 10 years he had memorized everything they knew and could recite it back to them verbatim, it was then he decided he was ready to attempt the practice. He sat under a tree for 100 hours as the ritual required and cleared his head of all thought. Once his soul was an empty vessel he began to fill himself with music, for music is the language of the universe itself. He knew there was no better music to fill himself with than DJ Fuzzy Ears, the man that had traveled more dimensions than anyone to perfect his sound.

No one knows if it was the music he chose to fill himself with or the fact that he had dedicated his entire life to this pursuit but amazingly the ritual worked. He watched as his sense of self dissolved from existence and was reformed as a part of the cosmos. He felt his physical body disintegrate and his energy take new form. He now lives as one with the music, the universe, and the cosmos.

Even though he has shed his physical body and all sense of ‘self’ in terms of ego he still remembers the music that helped him transcend the physical plane. DJ Fuzzy Ears has spoken directly to his soul on a cosmic level and has energetically pulled him back into our dimension. While he may not be able to take full corporeal form he can flit in and out of our realm to enjoy some groovy tunes.