Leshy - Spirit of the Forbidden Forest (Blind Bag)

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Cost: $30 + Shipping
Drop Type: Blind Bag Only
Drop Limit: 1 Per person
Artist: Anggatantama Art
Size: 3.5” tall (triple posted)
LEs: 60, 40, 40, 25, 20, 15, 10(GV)

Back Story:
Deep in the Forbidden Forest of the Upper Cibeet River is a sacred woods that is said to be home to all the forests in the world. This land has been sacred to the Dayehluhurian people for centuries and they do not let any enter this area without a ‘Key Keeper’ to help ensure the safety of this holy area. Few have ever entered the forest, fewer have seen the sacred woods at the center and almost no one remembers the true secrets of this forest.

There are legends among the Dayehlurian people of a time when the forest was alive, when the spirits used to walk among the living and flowers sprouted behind their every step. It is said that this forest is the original forest, that all forest spirits were born here and sent out to spread their roots across the world. It is said that if the sacred woods are ever chopped down all the forests across the planet will start to shrivel and die. While few alive still believe these legends to be true the Dayehlurian people still maintain their traditions and protect these woods with a religious fervor. Most nowadays consider it merely a matter of tradition but those that are raised to the level of ‘Key Keeper’ know the truth.

To be raised to the level of ‘Key Keeper’ and entrusted with both protecting the Forbidden Forest and more importantly, the sacred woods at the center one must spend seven days and seven nights in the sacred woods. You may not leave the center of the woods for any reason during these seven days and you must survive solely on what you bring with you to the woods. No one is told the true reason behind this pilgrimage before they make it, instead they are merely told it is the last trial necessary to prove their dedication to their society and necessary to become a ‘Key Keeper’. However, the truth is that the spirit Leshy still lives in the sacred woods and he will only present himself after someone has shown the strength of their spirit by waiting 7 days and 7 nights for him. On the eve of the 7th night he will present himself and allow the seeker to ask him one question before he leaves.

Although it is not known if Leshy is the original forest spirit that helped spread forests across our entire globe (as the legends imply) but he is certainly one of the oldest and most powerful forest spirits. He is said to have the face of a man, antlers of a deer and feathers for hair, he is also reported as always wearing a mask to obscure his face. When he speaks his mouth never moves and the words seem to come from the forest around him. He is one with the forest and can come or go from our plane of existence as he pleases.

After speaking with members of the Dayehlurian people and most importantly the last remaining Key Keepers we were able to create a fair likeness of Leshy. With the permission of their society we were allowed to not only share this story but create these likenesses of Leshy for the world to see. They do not want the legend of Leshy and their forest to be forgotten for they fear if it is one day we may lose all our forests. While we may never know if these stories are true we do know that these pins seem to hold some innate mystical powers and some of them even glow with energy at night…