Intergalactic BumbleBee Pin

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What: ‘Intergalactic Bumblebees’
Cost: $30 + shipping
LEs: 60, 60, 50, 30, 20, 10 (GV)
Drop type: Blind Bag Only (random pin)
Drop limit: 2 per person
Jen Urban
Produced by:
FF Studios - Fuzzy Friends Studios
Size: 3 inches wide (triple posted)

Back story:
We know 2020 already threw ‘Murder Hornets’ at us all and we thought that would be the end of the shenanigans from the Vespidea and Apidea families but we just got word that Intergalactic Bumblebees are invading our planet next week!

Luckily, unlike many of the other crazy things that 2020 has brought these Intergalactic Bumblebees are not harbingers of destruction and are actually a good thing! Much like normal bumblebees these bees mean you no harm and are merely pollinators helping maintain the delicate balance of life, they just do it on a cosmic scale. These bees travel across all of the Cosmos, spreading intergalactic pollen for interdimensional plants that can not be seen in our normal realm of existence. Without these bees many of the interdimensional species we have come to know and love in this group would not be able to exist, basically all of the interdimensional ecosystem would collapse without their help.

While these Intergalactic Bumblebees share the same dimension as us the pollen they carry is able to spread across every dimension at once. This means that the protection and care of these bees while they stop on Earth and spread their pollen is critically important, if they become extinct in our dimension they will cease to exist forever and the ecosystem of other dimensions will be ravaged in unimaginable ways.
The migration pattern of these bees take nearly 20 million years to complete and this is the first time they have returned to Earth since humans have existed. To help ensure the safety of these incredibly important creatures while they spend the next several hundred years on Earth they have partnered with the Floof Delta Squad and requested assistance from the FF Studios Family. They know that many of you already have experience in caring for delicate creatures from other planets, galaxies, & dimensions and they also know that if you don't already have that experience you likely yearn for it.