Inter-Dimensional Imperials - Blind Bag

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Drop Type: Blind Bag Only (you will receive one random variant)
Drop Limit: 2 Per person
Pin Name: Inter-dimensional Imperials
Size: 2.75 inches & triple posted
LEs: 70, 30, 30, 15, 15, 10 (GV)
Artist: Minty Designs

Back Story:

What the scientist working on the 'Absolute Space' project (code named 'space noodles') did not know about these creatures is that the reason they could survive in the absolute vacuum of space is because they are not from our universe, in fact they are not even from the same dimension as us.

They hail from dimension C-137 and live in a universe devoid of carbon based life forms. The space noodles arrived in our dimension by accident after being pulled through a wormhole. Ever since this occurred in the time period we know as the 1960's their inter-dimensional brethren have been searching for them.

These inorganic beings can live for what equates to an eternity in human years and they will stop at nothing to be reunited with their brethren. You see these beings are linked in eternal pairs that transcend time, space, dimensions and even reality itself. They will work tirelessly to find their partners and be as close to them as possible.

After studying our language the new beings from C-137 have deemed themselves the "Inter-dimensional Imperials" and they have plans to fully invade our planet this Thursday, 5/21/2020 at 7pm MST. They have been in contact with Bob Lazar as they know he was friendly to their noodlely partners and leaked the details of their arrival to him. He of course passed this information along to our Floof Monster delta squad, the only team capable of properly transporting and protecting inter-dimensional beings.

We are working directly with Bob Lazar, our Floof Monster delta squad and of course the 'Inter-dimensional Imperials' themselves to coordinate their safe arrival on our planet and in our dimension.