Heady Kids - Baby Floofs

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What: Heady Kids - Baby Floofs
When: Friday 12/11 at 9pm EST/8pm CST/7pm MST/6pm PST
How much: $40 for matching number, 2 pin set (plus shipping)
Drop Type: Blind Bag Only
Size: 1.25” (double posted)
Artist: Jen Urban
Production: FF Studios
LEs: 80, 50, 30, 25, 15, 7 (GV)

Back Story:

As some of you may or may not know the original ‘Floof’ in this group was Floofmeister the III and he was gifted to me at Electric Forest 2019. What I did not know at the time was that not only would he quickly become our group's unofficial mascot, he was actually from a parallel dimension and slipped into our universe by chance during Electric Forest 2019. The dimension he came from is known as C-138 Squared, while our dimension is merely C-138, dimension C-138 Squared is parallel to our dimension and is 100% identical to our dimension, except for the fact that everything is covered in fur and fuzz. Every single animal, plant, rock, tree, fruit, everything you can imagine is 100% covered in fur and super soft. That is the one and only difference between C-138 and C-138 Squared and under the right circumstances sometimes the barrier between our two dimensions weakens and creatures are able to cross between the two dimensions without any special skills and sometimes it even happens by complete accident

It appears that back in 2019 Floofmeister III was minding his own business hanging out in a tree in his local forest when without warning he felt a shift in the cosmos and suddenly he wasn’t r in C-138 Squared, he was in the exact same location as before but in C-138. His tree was no longer soft, warm and cozy and all the trees around him were completely devoid of their usual thick layers of fur. He was understandably shocked, confused and a little scared at first. Luckily he came into my possession shortly after that and my warm fuzzy jacket made him feel right at home. We bonded quickly and while it took a while for us to fully communicate with each other it was possible for us to quickly establish a strong bond and trust which allowed Floofmeister the III to transition from fear to sheer joy as he experienced his first ever Electric Forest.

After we both returned home we continued bonding and slowly learned how to speak with each other. Eventually we were able to piece together that he came from another dimension but until recently we had no idea that his dimension was parallel to ours nor how he actually ended up in our dimension in the first place.

One of the other things Floofmeister the III told me was that he had the ability to sense creatures from other dimensions, it appears all creatures that are out of place from their own dimension emit unique radiation that can only be sensed by other interdimensional creatures. That is how we have been able to track down so many interdimensional creatures in the last year and get them into loving homes.

Well fast forward to January of this year and for the first time ever another set of creatures from C-138 Squared had finally entered our dimension and Floofmeister the III could sense their  presence immediately. We moved quickly to secure the Floof Monsters and bring them into our safe care, little did we know that they would quickly become some of the most important members of our odd little family here at FF Studios. Once in our care the majority of the Floof Monsters were much more concerned with having fun, getting into mischief and just having an overall good time than they ever were about telling me their story. In turn I truthfully learned very little about their species over the last year, only that they too came from C-138 Squared and they also had no idea how they ended up in our dimension.

But that has now all changed! With the arrival of ‘baby’ Floof Monsters we have found these new additions to the community to be much more forthcoming with information, especially if you ply them with a little candy first. The first and most important thing is that we had our suspicions about how Floofs reproduce confirmed, since they are technically non-binary creatures without identifiable genders they actually reproduce asexually. They can only reproduce on their home planet of Floofopolus in C-138 Squared where they will instantaneously multiply when exposed to any water source on their planet.

With the ease and rate at which they can multiply they only reproduce once every 100 years and it is done in the sacred waters at the top of Fuzzy Mountain. When they bathe in the water they instantaneously multiply and also grow up from baby to full grown ‘Floof Monster’ almost immediately, in reality there are no ‘baby’ Floof Monsters on Floofopolus and by all logical sense they should not truly exist. The rate at which Floof Monsters mature is so quick that they are only known as fully grown creatures and live this way for an average lifespan of 100-150 years.

However, a couple months ago something happened while the Floofs were performing their centennial bathing in the waters atop of Fuzzy Mountain. A shift in the cosmos resulted in many of the ‘baby’ Floof Monsters being transported from C-138 Squared to our dimension, C-138, before they could finish maturing. As soon as they entered our dimension their aging process seems to have been immediately halted and thus the first and only known ‘baby’ Floofs came into existence.

While the Floof species does not have specific genders as known in the human sense, some of them may express themselves in ways that would traditionally be defined as more masculine or feminine in our society. After having the concept of gender explained to them the majority have chosen to express themselves as either ‘male’ or ‘female’, however, not all subscribe to these genders and some may not subscribe to any. Ultimately we hope that if you are lucky enough to care for a Floof, of any age, that you will take the time to build a trusting relationship with your Floof in which you all can eventually discuss complex topics like this and determine how your Floof prefers to express themselves.

The ‘baby’ floofs also really prefer company and do not particularly appreciate being alone unless absolutely necessary. They have made incredibly close friends with other little floofs and they are all in inseparable pairs that they have requested they stay in when traveling out to their new homes.