GoT Crest Open Presale Pin

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Purchase of this presale item will get you one blind bagged pin and there is NO LIMIT on how many blind bags you may purchase. All pins will be limited edition and numbered on the back. The total number of pins and their LE will be determined by the total number of presales placed. For a breakdown of potential variants please see the list below:

100 Pins sold: One Variant LE 100
100 – 150 Pins sold: Two Variants, LE 100 & LE50
150 – 200 Pins Sold: Four Variants; LE 100, LE50, LE30, LE20
200 – 300 Pins Sold: Five Variants; 2 x LE100, LE50, LE30, LE20
300 – 350 Pins Sold: Six Variants; 2 x LE100, 2 x LE50, LE30, LE20
350 – 400 Pins Sold: Eight Variants; 2 x LE100, 2 x LE50, 2 x LE30, 2 x LE20

Pictured is the “OG” Variant and the first LE50 variant. As pins are sold we will continue to update the listing and the Facebook group with new variants and totals on how many pins have been sold. Once orders close these pins will be placed into production on Monday 4/22.

*For every 150 pins sold there will be an LE10 gift variant created and randomly inserted into orders.
**We will do our best to avoid duplicates on orders but there is no guarantee and if you order multiple pins you may get some duplicates.
***If more than 400 pins are sold we will follow the same basic pattern for continuing to add new variants. This presale will NOT sell out, it will last for the time stated no matter what!

****Currently at just over 100 orders, this mean two variants are currently being released. An LE100 and LE50. We will continue to update this post as orders come in.
****As of 4/21 we are at 182 orders and have added three more variants. The "Fire" and "Ice" variants will be LE30 and LE20 and there will be an LE10 rainbow anodized gift variant as well. This listing will be taken down tonight but if we break 200 orders before then we will add another variant!
*****Newest update. We are at 203 orders and 6 total variants have now been added.