FF Studios Ultimate Member Subscripition

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We currently have 7,038 members in our Facebook group and this is honestly more than we ever thought possible. This project is more than just a collective of artists, this project is an ever evolving community centered around art. As such we are offering something that we have never done before, we are giving one person the opportunity to invest in the future growth of FF Studios by creating the "Ultimate FF Studios Package".

Purchase of this item will get you one of every pin we make from now until the day that we stop making anymore pins (AKA if FF Studios ever stops being a company for any reason one day). What this means is you will get one of every pin design we make and every variant of that pin (excluding gift variants) for life.

You will also get an LE1 pin made on a random design for you once each year for as long as FF Studios continues to make pins.

Finally you will get one free Hoodie, one free dye sublimated shirt and one free tapestry every year for as long as FF Studios exists and is producing these items. You will get to pick the design you want on these items (as long as we are still producing that design at the time you select it).

Some restrictions do apply:

1. You must live in the United States (or be willing to pay international shipping on all your items, we can of course work out a deal to hold pins and combine them to save you on shipping).

2. This will only apply to pins we release online, if they are dropped at an event/in person meetup it is not guaranteed you will get that design. If you have any questions on if you are getting the design just shoot us a message.

3. You are also not guaranteed a full set of pins on any pins done in "open presale or timed presale manner". Once again if you have concerns about which pins you will get on these type of drops just ask us. You will likely receive at least some variants on any open/timed presales you just may not receive all variants.

4. As previously stated you are not guaranteed the gift variant, you will likely receive some random gift variants over the years.

**Purchase of this item is pending purchaser and Fuzzy Friends Studios LLC signing the contract associated with this item.