Daiya - The Cyberpunk

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What: Daiya - The Cyberpunk
Cost: $30 + Shipping
LEs: 65, 50, 35, 25, 20, 10 (GV)
Drop Type: Blind Bag Only (random pin)
Drop limit: 2 per person
Size: 3.5” (4 posts on back)
Artist: @syndromea_art_illustration (Instagram)

Back Story:
The year is 2077 and the United States of America as we know it has fallen into disarray, megacorporations and criminal organizations (there isn’t much difference between the two) control almost every aspect of day to day life. Around 2050 we developed the technology to implant ourselves with technological ‘upgrades’ that can be activated and utilized using our neural synopsis, meaning they become utilized just like any other basic human reflex or motion, they become a part of us. While the implants started out basic, things like mechanical implants in legs to run faster or jump higher, they quickly evolved into much more complex mechanics. By 2055 it was possible to be implanted with weapons, armor, neural network uplinks, physical upgrades and so much more.

Some have speculated that one corporation in particular has developed nearly all the tech implants known to mankind and distributed them through a network of subsidiaries. An unassuming company, Dynalar Technologies, located in Night City, California is believed by many to be an up and coming implant developer with some incredibly cutting edge developments. However, the truth about this company is much more complicated and few know they are the ‘secret’ corporation behind every known tech implant in the world.

The company was actually founded in 2048, just two years before the first tech implants were released to the public and their founder was a woman named Daiya who is believed to have gone mad and died in 2055. It is said that she regularly implanted herself with new and untested upgrades and one day they had disastrous results, shortly after implanting herself with a neural upgrade that was supposed to give her instantaneous access to all information on the global neural conscious network she went insane. The information overloaded her brain and she supposedly went into a murderous rage, right outside the downtown storefront of the Dynalar Technologies headquarters in Night City. According to reports she killed four people before being taken down by the company's private security and she later died of wounds sustained during her capture.

What most do not know is this story was all a coverup to help safeguard the most important breakthrough in technological implants ever made. The neural implant that Daiya gave herself did not not overload her brain, instead it worked better than ever imagined and upgraded her consciousness to a never believed level. Not only could she instantaneously access all information that was loaded into the global neural conscious network (making her essentially all-knowing) but she could also personally access and manipulate all other technological implants in other human beings at any distance, making her literally omnipotent.

She can create, design, and manipulate new and existing implants on a whim and is the most powerful individual in the world. It is said that she can create an implant that makes one immortal without even blinking an eye. For her own safety and the safety of the entire world her existence is a secret and that is why she faked her own death and why Dynalar Technologies has always remained an unassuming tech implant company based in Night City, California.

Daiya’s secret was safe for nearly 22 years, until a mercenary named V heard about an implant that could make you immortal and turned all of Night City upside down in search of it…..

**Please note this pin is not actually related in any way to Cyberpunk 2077 and the above story is not real spoilers or information about the game/story. We have been calling this image ‘Cyber Punk Girl’ as a project name for a while and I thought it would be fun to incorporate some Cyberpunk 2077 lore into the backstory is all**