Cosmic Drip - Blind Bag

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Drop Details:
What: ‘Cosmic Drip’ Pin
Cost: $30 + Shipping
LEs: 60, 30, 25, 20, 25, 10 (GV), 3 (GV)
Artist: LazZzy Clouds
Production: FF Studios
Drop type: Blind Bag Only
Drop Limit: 1 per person
Size: 3 inches tall (triple posted)

Back Story:
We have been regularly communicating with the Three Kings while we patiently await their arrival to our dimension. Sadly while details on their exact arrival date are still very scant; they are more than willing to discuss knowledge and history of the cosmos. One particularly interesting story is that which they liken to the story of ‘creation’ and how the majority of the cosmos came into existence. You see since the Three Kings live outside of all the dimensions and seem to pre-date the creation of the cosmos and dimensions themselves their understanding of both time and creation are a little weird. Communicating about certain subjects often becomes convoluted due to the human mind's inability to understand concepts from the Three Kings perspective. In the simplest terms it is like a baby that is just barely learning to talk trying to hold complex conversations with a fully grown adult, we are barely more than babies first understanding their base sense to the Three Kings.

With this in mind I will attempt to retell the story of the ‘Cosmic Drip’ as well as I can from what the Three Kings told me.

In the beginning there was nothing and everything. Dimensions, planets, suns, stars, comets, universes, life, air, water, none of this existed. Darkness reigned supreme, if life existed it would not have been able to see anything because the darkness was so dense it could not be penetrated. In fact the darkness was so dense it actually soaked up any light that may have attempted to creep into existence. The reason for this was because this darkness was not caused by an absence, the way the color black is normally created. This darkness was caused by the supersaturation of material, everything needed to fuel and create all the dimensions, planets, suns, stars, comets, universes, life, air water and everything else was densely packed into this darkness. If life existed it would have struggled to move, pulling itself through the density of this darkness like it was attempting to move through quicksand.

Even at this time the Three Kings existed. They do not know how, when or why they came into existence, perhaps it is their purpose solely to observe and hold remembrance. Either way though they remember how something was beautifully formed from nothing. They do not know how long the darkness existed or when the change began for they have no real sense of time but one day they noticed there was something forming.

At first they could not actually see the change for it started at the dead center of everything and all light was still swallowed by the darkness around it. At first it was more just a felt sense of the Three Kings that things were changing and something was coalescing together. Eventually though they saw the change, glowing brightly at the center of everything was what they have come to describe as the ‘Cosmic Drip’. This ‘Cosmic Drip’ was and still is the very center of the Cosmos, just like the Three Kings it stands outside of the dimensions and helped breed life into the dimensions.

According to the Three Kings the ‘Cosmic Drip’ can only be described as a giant tree that is so huge it has planets and moons adorning its branches like acorns. At the base of this tree and running through its roots is a moon that is constantly dripping out new universes. Cosmic energy flows from the roots of this tree on levels we can never understand and that energy drips out into what we can only describe as the creation of new universes. When these universes reach peak size they will ‘snap’ off from the root system and find their place among the rest of the Cosmos.

It is said that the ‘Cosmic Drip’ is where the original concept for the stories behind things like ‘The Tree of Life’ come from. It is also said that the ‘Cosmic Drip’ does not actually stand at the center of the Cosmos but is the center of the Cosmos and everything (including all the dimensions) are actually housed inside the ‘Cosmic Drip’. While we may never fully understand the nuisances between these small details and who is truly right we do now know for sure that the ‘Cosmic Drip’ helped lead to the creation of life as we know it.