Chimera Pin Pre-Sale

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FF Studios is very proud to present the first ever Mat Miller Illustrations pin.

For this project we decided to tackle this magical creature known as the Chimera and to capture all of its beauty and detail we will be producing this as a 6.5 inch tall pin.

Full details of the presale are listed below, please read them carefully:

- This pin is being sold as blind bags only and there is no limit on the number of blind bags you can purchase.

- Currently we only have 2 variants available, if over 100 pins are purchased we will add a 3rd variant, if 150 are purchased we will add a 4th variant, the 5th and final variant will be added if we pass 200 pins.

- We will cap this pin at no more than 250 total pins (spread across all the variants).

- This is a presale and pins will not be produced until the end of the presale. It is expected this pin will be finished and ready to ship in mid May 2019. Regular updates on the progress can be found in our Facebook group.

- This presale will run until Wednesday 4/3 or until it is sold out (design is capping at 250 total pins).

- This pin will be quad posted and laser numbered on the back. Final LEs for each variant will be determined after presale has ended.

- Due to the price of this pin we will try our best to avoid duplicates for people that order multiple blind bags. This is not a guarantee though and if you order multiple blind bags it is still possible you will get duplicates.

- All sales of this item are final.


**3rd Variant has been unlocked and picture has been added to listing. 3/29 5:50pm MST