Aztec Ascension - Open Presale

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Please read this entire listing closely before purchasing.

This is an open pre-sale for a blind bag (random variant) of our upcoming pin "Aztec Ascension". There are no limits on how many blind bags you may purchase but the listing will be taken down at 11:59PM (PST) on Sunday 11/24.

There are at least three total variants being made, if more than 100 pins are sold we will add a 4th variant, for every 50 pins sold after that we will once again add a new variant (150, 200, 250, etc.). We will update this listing as new variants are added, the time of your purchase does not impact what variants you will receive and you may receive any variant unlocked during this pre-sale. Final LEs on all variants will be determined after pre-sale is finished and all orders are received.

Pins will be put into production as soon as the Presale ends (Monday 11/25). Please allow 4-6 weeks for production of pins and shipping (pins should ship around the end of December/beginning of January).

Artist: " I "
Produced By: FF Studios
Size: 3.25"

*Please do not purchase any other items with this product or those items will not ship until this pin is shipped (about 4-6 weeks). If you wish to purchase additional products please place two separate orders or be prepared to wait for your additional items.