Absolute Space Pin Blind Bag (Also know as Space Noodle)

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Drop type: Blind Bag only
Purchase limit: 2 per person
Artist: Minty
Production Company: FF Studios (Fuzzy Friends Studios)
LE: 50, 30, 30, 15, 15, 10
Charity Supported: Fort Collins Cat Rescue (5% of profits)
Size: 3.25"


While getting exact dates is difficult it is known that sometime in the late 1960s to early 1970s the United States Government discovered extraterrestrial life that crash landed on earth. While reports vary on exactly where the alien life was discovered it is believed they were found frozen deep in the artic tundra. Reports claim the aliens were found miles under permafrost and due to their deep freeze state, they were still alive. The US government in conjunction with a small group of private contractors have been using the information they have discovered from these life forms to rapidly advance technology developments for the past 50 years.

This project was given the code name ‘Absolute Space’ because it appears these alien lifeforms can survive in the absolute vacuum of open space. However, many of the scientist working on the project affectionally renamed it ‘Space Noodle’ due to the aliens noodly appendages. Ultimately this project has led to some of our most regularly used technologies (GPS, iPhones, The Internet, dabs, and much more)

One of the most famous scientists to work on these projects is Robert Scott Lazar (Bob Lazar). He was one of the first individuals to ever break the code of silence and talk about his work with these aliens and their technologies. It is largely thanks to him that we can announce the amazing news we have today.

Our Floof Monster Delta Squad (the same team that rescued their fluffy brethren from Zach Onstot's apartment) has been in contact with Bob Lazar for some time. They have always known that he was telling the truth about his work with alien technologies and they desperately wanted to help free the extraterrestrial prisoners our government was holding. With the information Bob provided the delta squad was able to discover the top-secret facility where the US government was housing the last of the surviving aliens from project ‘Absolute Space’. Secretly they have been helping all the surviving members of this project escape and last night I was just informed they smuggled the last of them out of the facility!

Now we must move quickly to make sure that these little Space Noodles are spread to safe houses across the world to ensure they don’t fall back into the government’s hands.