2021 The Phoenix

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What: ‘2021 The Phoenix’
When: Friday 1/1/2021 at 7:00pm - 7:02pm MST*
Artist: Anggatantama Art
Production: FF Studios
Cost: $35 + Shipping
Size: 3.5 Inches tall (Quad Posted)
LEs: 75, 50, 30, 25, 20, 7 (GV)
Drop Type: Blind Bag Only (random variant)
Drop Limit: 2 Per Person

Back Story:

The Phoenix is said to live forever, burning up in a blaze of glory and then rising again, born from its ashes, in a never ending cycle for all eternity. While the casual observer may believe this cycle to be random in nature, with the potential for a Phoenix to burst into flames at any given moment but that simply isn’t the case. The truth is a Phoenix can only be reborn after times of great trials, tribulation and turmoil. It is the cosmic shifts of the galaxies and the universal suffering of all beings that fuels the cycle of death and ultimately rebirth for the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is able to live for all eternity because it lives outside the normal dimensions of space and time, it is not truly a part of any universe, plane or dimension. As such they are able to feel the shifts of every universe, every dimension, every plane, every being and everything all at once. They are intune with the frequencies of all matter in existence and feel every shift that occurs across every imaginable cosmos.
Over time some of the shifts we experience across the cosmos can be more intense than life is truly meant to experience. At times growth must be forced along by powers greater than us and shifts occur at paces so rapidly it can be detrimental to the balance of life in the short term. When this happens the Phoenix works as a sort of cosmic buffer and they help absorb some of the negative cosmic energies resulting from these shifts. This energy actually fuels their cycle of death and rebirth, right as the energies peak and would likely cause destruction for the cosmos the Phoenix will absorb all the negative energy it can hold and explode in a magnificent fire. As its body burns away so does all the energy it has absorbed and as the new Phoenix is reborn from its ashes the old energy sheds away from us all.

The new Phoenix that is born is always even stronger, brighter, and more beautiful than the previous iteration. It literally works to help transform the cosmic pain it absorbs into something beautiful to help remind us all of the potential for growth and change inside us all. Every time the Phoenix is born again it shines brighter than ever before to help serve as a guiding light in the new days to come and usher in the changes we all need, even if we don’t know it yet.

As many of you may have already felt 2020 has been one of those very years of change I have been describing. It has been 75 years since the last time a new Phoenix was born but every creature at FF Studios can feel it in the air and they have told us it is time for them to be born again. It is time for the Phoenix to close out 2020 with a blaze of glory and be reborn in time to help usher in a new year for us.

The full process of death and rebirth is a bit complicated and can take a couple days, from our research we have determined the above details for when you can expect to see these new Phoenix take flight.