2020 Leftover Drop

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We have leftover pins and tapestries from the last year or so (majority of pins are from the last 6 months) and we will put them up on the website as a random blind bag listing. It will be 100% random what you receive (it may be a tapestry, it may be a pin, it may be both) but we will do everything we can to ensure you are getting moneys worth.

The majority of the items available will be old/sold out pins, the list of potential pin designs includes:
Musical Revelation
DJ Fuzzy Ears
Vomitart Otter
Bio Bee
Cosmic Drip
Sugar Overload
Cosmic Dreamer
Logo Pin
Robo Kitty
Rocket Boyd
Interdimensional Imperials
Owl Shaman
Sonic Death
Space Noodle
90s Cartoon Wheel
Trippy Bird
Coats T-Rex

For fully transparency there is only one Chimera and one Owl Shaman set going out on this drop. There will also be 5 different Floofs going out on this drop. Total pins will be around 100 pins and around 10-15 tapestries

Cost: $35 shipped (international orders will incur additional shipping charges)
Purchase Limit: 1 Per person

*There is also a slight chance you may receive a brand new, currently unreleased pin design.