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The Stargate Program

If you have been following FF Studios long enough you likely have heard/seen that many of our releases involve both interdimensional and alien creatures. We have been blessed with access to many species and beings that other groups have never even seen and it is time we come clean about something. We haven’t been completely transparent about how we gained access to so many amazing creatures in such a short amount of time. 

The truth is that it is a top secret government program known as ‘The Stargate’ that has allowed us unfettered access to alien worlds. The Stargate is a piece of alien technology that was discovered on earth in 1928 and when used correctly it creates an Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole) portal between two different worlds. We have been lucky enough to have access to this device at FF Studios and have been traversing the galaxy collecting our amazing specimens. To access these worlds one must ‘dial’ the correct 6 digit code, unfortunately since there are billions of worlds and many of them do not have Stargates it is difficult to always find a valid gate code. 

However, we have a new challenge. While we used to have to dial out on the gate manually it has now randomly been dialing out to new planets on its own. We don’t always know when it will happen or if it will establish an active wormhole with a safe planet and we are running out of Floofs to send exploring into these new worlds. As such we have decided to allow you all temporary access to the gate, anyone that can figure out the correct code at time of an active wormhole will have unfettered access to the planet, this means they can claim anything they see (there may be some limits on things for ‘population control’ and these will be listed if applicable).

The code for the gate is made up of 6 random numbers and each digit is only used once in the combination. Since there are literally billions of worlds and not all of them have Stargates, many of the potential combinations do not work. The Stargate can also only maintain an active wormhole for 30 minutes, so every 30 minutes the wormhole either collapses or establishes a connection with a different world (AKA the 6 digit code changes and at some times there is no active wormhole). For the most up to date information on things like: active wormholes (or not), clues for gate codes, etc you will need to turn on all group notifications, regularly check the group for posts from Ben Onstot (making sure you are sorting for most recent activity) and most likely work together with fellow group members! Our Final recommendation is to make sure you have signed up for text alerts as they will be utilized at times for this game (Just text ‘JOIN’ to (833) 669-1674)

The Stargate Program will run from Monday 6/27 to Thursday 6/30. This means at any time during those dates there is potential for active wormholes, if the website displays a password lock screen this means there is an active wormhole and gate code to figure out, once you have figured out the code head to the 'Stargate' section of the website. If the website displays a message about the stargate program it means the wormhole is not currently active!